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We couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire home building process with Mike Lowery. We were initially impressed with the quality of Lowery homes and even more impressed with Mike himself as he guided us through the details of building our home. He made the process fun for us. Mike’s skills as a builder and his integrity are unsurpassed and we would recommend him to anyone in the market for a new home.

Curt and Marty Phelps

Mike and his crew built my first custom built home.  It was my first experience in home building and I was quite spooked at first.  Mike eased my concerns and over the span of the building process, I grew to trust Mike.  He built a fine, solid home and has stood strong on the quality of the home.  He came to the closing and never hesitates to answer any questions I have about the home.  It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to stepping up to a larger home to be built by Lowery Homes.  As a result of my experience, my wife and I have built a friendship with Mike and his wife, Lisa.  We are thankful for the friendship, their honesty and integrity.  Thank you Mike!!!! 

Greg & Bonnie Presley 


If you want a well built home with a builder that sees to details, and, won't disappear after the house is finished, then Mike Lowery is your man.
Mike was not only our builder, He's now our friend.

Ed and Erma Wise


The reason I enjoyed building my home with Mike was because he made it so much fun.

A number of questions came up, of course, decisions had to be made and so often I was impressed with the intelligent choices I was given.  Mike has such a wide scope of knowledge of the materials used in his homes.

I was surprised at his remembvering minute details.  Things I may have mentioned early on and then I forgot but he didn't.

I've had more fun telling the story of one thing that happened.  I was at the point of pulling my hair out over picking a front door.  The glass ones were so pretty but so expensive and would you want half glass or full glass and after all it was one of the first things people would see--and then Mike asked "What does your best friends front door look like"?  And I looked at him and said "I don't have a clue" and he said "My point exactly".  Worked like a charm.  (Actually we went through this process on a number of choices.)

I ended up with a solid door because when privacy was brought into the discussion I didn't like the possibility of people seeing in even if it was just my shadow and it made me feel safer.

All and all I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Jeanne Carson

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